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Exit Lighting Inspections

Emergency & Exit Lighting Inspections

Almost all buildings require exit and emergency lighting. These battery-backed lights activate automatically to illuminate exit corridors when a building loses power. These devices must be tested annually to ensure the battery is charged and capable during an emergency situation. Fire Systems technicians can inspect, test, repair, and replace exit and emergency lighting devices while performing other fire protection inspections.

Testing Procedures

  • 90 Minute full function test
  • Disconnect AC power supply to each emergency light
  • Check battery and lens for sulfation
  • Clean each emergency light and lens as required
  • Adjust beam for proper alignment
  • Place testing label on the emergency light and record in testing log
  • Troubleshooting/repair which may also include:
    • Check and adjust charging system voltage
    • Check battery output voltage
    • Check line voltage to remote fixtures