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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Maintenance and Training

Fire Systems, Inc. delivers, inspects, maintains, tests, and repairs all types of fire extinguishers in accordance with NFPA 10. We will also make recommendations to ensure your facility is protected with the appropriate fire extinguishers. Any necessary repairs or recharges can be done on site.

All of these services are performed using Fire Systems technicians—with no sub-contracting.

Required Maintenance

Monthly: All extinguishers must be inspected monthly for damage, correct pressure, broken seals, proper condition of hose and nozzle, and documentation of inspections.

Annual: Mandatory annual inspections require inspectors to verify the extinguisher is fully pressurized, free from damage, and weighed appropriately. Annual inspections also require a pull test on the pin and seal replacement—this must be verified with a dated inspection tag. If the extinguisher fails to meet these requirements, it must be replaced.

6 Year Maintenance: Extinguishers that store a pressurized agent must have its contents removed and refilled every 6 years. 6 year maintenance requires thorough inspection of the inside and outside and must be performed exactly 72 months after the manufacturing date.

Hydrostatic Testing: Extinguishers that store specialized chemicals such as Halon or dry chemicals must undergo hydrostatic tests every 12 years.

CO2 units must be inspected and hydrostatically tested every 5 years.

Fire Extinguisher Training

We offer a complete employee Fire Extinguisher Training program that can be done onsite at your location. It is imperative that your employees know which types of extinguishers may be used on specific “classes” of fire. Incorrect use of a fire extinguisher may spread the fire or enable re-ignition.

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